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Nastasia Peteuil
Photographer and web editor
Rahmah Pauzi
Video maker


 We would like to adress special thanks to: Kelly, Kat, Mike and Preston for their participation to the web-documentary – without them, nothing would have been possible, Brian McDermott, our photojournalism instructor at the University of Massachusetts who has been a great support since the beginning, PHENOM and CEPA that have been supporting our project and help us in our research, and last but not least, everyone who will be sharing our project


They talked about us!

The Center for retirement research at Boston College. On her blog “Squared away blog”, Kimberly Blanton wrote about our web-documentary “Students Tell Their Tales of Debt“: “What makes Peteuil’s profiles so powerful is that they convey, in real time, how these young adults begin to realize what their debt will mean to their lives and career choices.”

Five cent nickel. On the website,, Jeffrey Stelee talks about the student debt through our documentary.Peteuil grabbed a video camera and prevailed upon four UMass Amherst students to talk about themselves, their steadily growing debt, and what that weighty indebtedness is likely to mean to them, both now and in the future.”

Ethigb. On this website, a post mentioned our work : “While taking graduate journalism courses at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst last spring, she persuaded four classmates to narrate their personal stories, which she documented on film in four short profiles.

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